Monday, March 15, 2010

"Spring Fling" Mac Attack #5


Mac Attack #5 theme:
Spring Fling

My favorite flower? The lily. Which type? Doesn't matter. I absolutely adore every type lily and felt it appropriate to create this months #mactweets based on my love for the lily. I love Spring and I love adorning my kitchen counter top with a simple vase of a stem of lillies. There is a flower shop, here in Salt Lake City, Utah, that I feel is constantly overlooked. Flowers On Vine is a precious little shop where you can find the most gorgeous and rare flowers!
My husband stopped, on his way home from work today, and picked me up some beautiful lillies to accompany my post from said little shop.
Once again I had the pleasure of baking macarons with Barbara of Barbarabakes. She joined me, today, in my home to conquer these dainty little macarons. We lunched and baked and chatted... she is a true friend and I am blessed to bake alongside her. She also happens to be a math wiz (thankful me). We adjusted 'I Love Macarons' recipe as follows:

1/2C almond meal
1C confectioners sugar2 eggs
3T +1t granulated sugar
flavorings... as desired

If you are not catching on as to why Barbara is a smarty, that recipe is based on 3 egg whites. She made it a 2 egg white recipe. Fabulous!

For this months "challenge" I chose to do (a macaron that complimented the lily) the following flavor: "burgundy vanilla bean shells with blood orange buttercream." Delicious? Yes. Proportioned accordingly? I think not (see photos... ha!)

Blood Orange Buttercream:

3/4C unsalted butter
4C confectioners sugar
2t vanilla
2T blood orange juice (fresh squeezed)
zest of 1 blood orange

Whip the butter until very fluffy (about 4 minutes) and add the sugar 1 cup at a time. Whip an additional 3 minutes and add the vanilla, juice and zest. Whip 3 minutes more.

Flowers on Vine
6029 South 900 East
SLC Utah 84121


  1. Wow such pretty looking macarons!! The purple is such pretty color! Very spring like! and i love your cake stand too! :)

  2. These look amazing! I wish you lived closer so I could walk over and grab one off your counter ;)

  3. Y'all are gettin' fancy! Kickin' butt and takin' names with these macs. Its got mac shop in SLC written all over it! :)

  4. Thanks for inviting me over to bake macs. You are so sweet! Your post makes me smile. Your macs are gorgeous!

  5. These are the most beautiful color I have seen in a long time! They are too pretty to eat! I used blood oranges this weekend and had a disaster so I'm so glad yours turned out so nice.

  6. That colour...Ooooh, that colour. It's the one I dream of getting onto my macs one day! Gorgeous macarons, and what could be better than to bake with friends. Yes indeed, you are blessed to have a friend as good as Barbara, and also blessed to have a wonderful hub who gets you lilies! Very Spring, and very nice post!
    Thanks for joining us at MacTweets!

  7. But how the heck did you get that fabulous color? What kind of coloring? Beautiful macs and that buttercream does sound incredible! Just beautiful! And how lucky you all are to be able to lunch, chat and bake together!

  8. Your macs are perfect! And I love that cake stand:)

  9. What a beautiful color, and I wish I could have come to taste them! I've never heard of the flower shop, thanks for the suggestion. Next month can we have a bakers foursome?

  10. A baker's 4-some?! :) Absolutely! Yes! Count me in! Looking forward to it... let's get uber-creative!!!

  11. They look gorgeous..............And good friends are a blessing, aren't they?