Sunday, March 7, 2010

Normandie Cafe and Bakery

Normandie Cafe and Bakery is a Salt Lake City gem. It's been nestled at the corner of 4600 South and Holladay Boulevard for years but has recently moved down the street to a larger location, which it needed... you couldn't find a seat during the lunch rush or Saturday morning brunch rush. I have always enjoyed the food at Normandie and really enjoy their desserts. I spent this past Friday afternoon lunching with "the girls" and am happy to share our afternoon with you.
Our lunch:

Turkey Club Panini (split)

Turkey Avocado Sandwich (split)
Sweet Potato Fries (shared)
Kids Mac-n-Cheese

I split the turkey club panini and let me tell you this sandwich is delightful. I always have it when I eat here. It's amazing with turkey, bacon, tomato and garlic aioli warmed between a sourdough bun. The turkey avocado sandwich also got three thumbs up's and the sweet potato fries?!? Well, first off, they are actually yam fries but the two are commonly confused. Either way... Yum! They are perfectly crisp and served with a dipping sauce that is beyond compare. My daughter was the lucky recipient of the kids meal and enjoyed it served with the mac, fruit, veggies and a brownie.

Our dessert:

We ordered some assorted sugar cookies, German chocolate brownies and (drum roll please...) the key lime tart(s). The cookies were gorgeous and tasty, the brownies were moist and chewy and melted in our mouths but those tarts! They deserve a post all their own, they deserve
a bakery case dedicated (no built) just for them, they are heaven. They have a perfect crust and that crust is filled with the most delectable,creamy, tart, sweet key lime center you can dream of. It is to die for. I have been drooling over this tart for years. My mother and I go just for the tart, my husband and I go intending on splitting a tart and end up leaving with three, we take friends here just to introduce them to this tart... it's incredible. It is topped with fluffy whipped cream and toasted coconut and I suggest you call ahead, they run out early! We called the night before and had them set seven tarts aside. We also took several Alomondines to go. They are amazing themselves!
key lime tart photos by Monica Lehman

The staff:

Normandie always has a knowledgeable, friendly staff. They have assisted me with catered events in the past and always move the hungry crowds with ease. Friday was no exception and I'd like to mention two of the kind and friendly Normandie employees by name: Shawnee and Zach, thank you for your service and for setting aside the tarts for our large group. After working in the restaurant industry for years, I know that a positive, attentive staff is part of the dining experience. Hat's off to you both for so nicely representing your company! My only suggestion would be that the ordering process be revamped. It's very confusing to have two entrances (one leading to the cash register/bakery case and the other leading to an unmanned hostess station). You order at the register, pay there (pre-meal) and are given a table number. No new guest would know this. I hear complaints and have read reviews all mentioning the confusing process... which leads to customers thinking the staff is awful.

Employee photos by Monica Lehman


cookie photos by Monica Lehman


  1. beautiful! I went there for the first time recently and loved it. I missed out on the key lime tart though. I will have to try that next time.

  2. We really need to try that key lime tart. I am sure Josh will love it. Great photos and review. We should meet up for lunch sometime, it isn't too far from me:)

  3. It is a great place! I love going there with you!

  4. Looks like a lovely place - I especially like those cookies.

  5. Now I'm craving a tart! Maybe this should be our next girls lunch out!

  6. Favorite place, favorite place! Love everything about your lunch and thoughts.