Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Dining... part 2 (Boise)

Continuing on with our summer dining spots, I have had the extreme pleasure of enjoying the following meals and the even greater pleasure of sharing these with you.

These first 4 shots are of Rembrandts Coffee House in Eagle Idaho. This coffee house is a bakery and deli as well. They also have a great little shop up front with to-go mugs, books, aprons and coffee for sale. The building used to be a church and they have kept much of it in tact making a lovely little atmosphere. My daughters enjoyed a three layer red velvet cake while we sipped coffees. Everything is tasty, the service is super friendly and I love this place so much I could sit there all day.

This beauty is the bakery case at La Vie En Rose, in Boise Idaho. We enjoyed a lunch here of bacon avocado sandwiches, potato soup, pomegranate lemonade and lemon bars. This is in historic Boise and is beautiful. They were not very busy for lunch, which made me sad because the place is quite impressive but I do know they recently added the full menu and went from bakery to restaurant so maybe that had something to do with it. Don't you just want to sip on that lemonade? Delicious!

On our way out of town, we wanted to try another new place (although Flatbread is always tempting, as is Tavern) so we hit the city center to find something and came upon Bittercreek Ale House. It seemed like a simple pub so we were expecting simple pub food. We were pleasantly surprised by the food! Pictured here is my Green Goddess Tower. How pretty is that salad? It was as delicious as it is pretty too. They offer over 500 beers and have a very decent menu. Our table also enjoyed fish-n-chips, the house burger and mac-n-cheese.

I have been so blessed to vacation with my precious family as well as travel with my husband, while he is working this summer. I hope you are enjoying my little dining diary but more than that I hope you give these places a try if you are ever in the areas. They are all noteworthy.


  1. What cute places and scrumptious food. Sounds like you're having a great summer.

  2. This looks wonderful! Beautiful kids, great food. Love that pink lemonade and the pastry case! I'll be back in the US on Friday but not sure I'll find a place that looks this lovely and yummy!

  3. Next time were in Idaho I am definitely trying out these spots!

  4. great spots. holy green goddess tower! that's awesome!