Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Beginning of the End

One year ago my husband and I opened a gourmet food/specialty kitchen shop. We dreamed up the concept and created the store for 5 years. We worked day and night and put our hearts and souls into a 2000 square foot building that we named after our 2 beautiful daughters and filled it with things we thought people would love (that we ourselves loved). We opened with hope and excitement only to be sitting here, working just as hard as we were a year ago... closing it's doors. September 2008-September 2009 proved to be a year of struggles, battles and losses that we never anticipated and never thought we would have the strength to endure. We are closing the doors of our precious shop. We travel up and we travel down the hills of emotion and we are prepared for what the future will bring. This blog is the beginning of a new adventure. We close the doors on the specific location of Lorken Food Finery with slight hopes of re-opening in 2010 in a better, more suitable location. We close the doors with the intent of sharing our love of food and drink in a new way. I hope this blog of food finery will inspire and educate as well as entertain both you and I. Thank you to all of you who supported our shop, to everyone who has tried to lift my spirits and love me through a strange year. I regret nothing, I am still me, our dream has not died and now I can move forward with a clearer (and wiser) outlook. Hang in there (and help me along... PLEASE!!!) as I make this blog worth reading. I am a "newbie" and way out of my element in this world of blogging.


  1. super proud of you!
    excited to follow along on your journey.
    blessings to you new friend :)

  2. You are simply amazing! You and I are a team and we will not let this dream of our die! We have laughed, worried, cried, and worried some more. This is the start of a new adventure and a new beginning for us! I believe in your "foodie" skills and knowledge and soon you will be able to really share this with the community. Saying goodbye to this adventure is hard, but needed, and has taught us in more ways than you think it has. I love you forever and ever! Husband

  3. You are amazing. It takes guts to go out there. You are a strong person. You and Marty both and there's no doubt in my mind that you will succeed in this. I think someone's watching out for you and He is preparing the place Lorken really needs to be.
    I love you

  4. I'm sure it was devistating to have that dream taken away. I love the fact that your are moving full steam ahead with new and exciting ventures and still more dreams. Never stop dreaming and trying. All of the things you learned, good and bad, were necessary for growth and to put you where you really need to be. Success is just around the corner. LOVE the new blog! I'm anxious to read more from you.

  5. I'm mad that the economy has put so many wonderful people like you out of business....but I'm hopeful that you will reopen and I will get to visit you at your new, even better location!

    Good Luck!

  6. My daughter, I am so proud of you. You took a big step to go out and see your dream come true. I know how sad you are.This will pass and you will be in a better place doing bigger things than you can imagine.You are a beautiful,creative,smart women.I love you.( remember look up Tiff) MOM